Paradise Cooking Oils

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My CBD Health Paradise Cooking Oils are amazing! You can use it on Salades, cooking out, grill, baking or sauteing your favorite foods.

Made With 60 Ml. Hemp Seed Sativa Oils, 125 mg. CBD Delta 8, Avocado Oils, Olive Oils and Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Citrus has Real organic Orange flavoring. ! CBD Third Party Tested!


1)   Avocado Cooking Oil With 60 ml. Hemp Sativa Oil and 125 mg. CBD Delta 8 Infused Healthy For Cooking, Salads or On The Grill! 

8 oz. Bottle.  $29.99

2)  Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking! Infused with Delta 8 CBD,  60ml. Hemp Oil 60ml, Great For Cooking, Frying, Grilling or Salads!
8oz. Bottle. $31.99
3)  Citrus Extra Virgin Oilve Oil With CBD Infused Delta 8, 125 mg. CBD, Hemp Seed Oil 60ml, Orange. Great For Salads, Grilling, Frying, Cooking and Healthy!
8oz. Bottle. $31.99
4)   Citrus Grapeseed Oil with Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Sativa oil 60 mi., CBD Delta 8 125 mg., Orange Flavor. Great fresh flavor goes with seafood, salads, grilling, baking, suate and frying.
8 Oz. Bottle $31.99
5)   Grapeseed Oil infused with Hemp Seed Sativa 60 ml., Delta 8 CBD 125 mg. Organic all natural light flavor. Great for Salads, frying, cooking, grilling.
8 Oz. Bottle $29.99


Not a product of FDA. Not meant to treat or cure any disease.